Crazy Beer Gift Ideas

Are you into beer brewing? This is a compilation of crazy beer gift ideas for someone that is into beer brewing. These equipment ranges from ingredients for special brews, books, starter kits, and other information that might interest you and which will definitely help you to grow in the business. You will see some gifts ideas like Sure-seal 6.5-gallon fermenter bucket, Hanna original pHep digital pH meter, homebrew draft system, homebrew grain mill, Escali: Vera precision digital scale, Escali: Estilo dial scale, mixing paddle, mash paddle, skimmer, and steam freak recipe kits. Continue reading Crazy Beer Gift Ideas

10 of the weirdest beer facts you want to read

One of the greatest discoveries made by man on earth is beer. It has many interesting and fantastic features as well as its weird and bizarre attributes that you may want to know. Some of the weirdest facts about beer are that beer is dangerous; the woman’s chore and job, the origin of beer, the religious beer, people could offer anything for beer, the first brewery in the world, the myth about beer, grains and beer, the legal age for beer consumption, and the medicinal properties of beer. Continue reading 10 of the weirdest beer facts you want to read