weirdest beer facts

10 of the weirdest beer facts you want to read

One of the greatest discoveries made by man on earth is beer. It has many interesting and fantastic features as well as its weird and bizarre attributes that you may want to know. Some of the weirdest facts about beer are that beer is dangerous; the woman’s chore and job, the origin of beer, the religious beer, people could offer anything for beer, the first brewery in the world, the myth about beer, grains and beer, the legal age for beer consumption, and the medicinal properties of beer.

  1. Beer is dangerous

Beer is dangerousBeer is a fascinating drink that is also very dangerous to your health especially the liver.

  1. The woman’s chore and job

One of the traditional and major roles of women was beer making, whereby most of them became professionals and began commercial brewing.

  1. The origin of beer

The origin of beerAccording to history, the Sumerians made the first beer recipe around 5,000 BC and this is traceable to their art works with carvings of gods or people drinking from containers of beer.

  1. The medicinal properties of beer

medicinal properties of beerDo you know that beer could be used as a medicine? Yes, there is medicinal beer that could help you against some ailments like stomachaches and other maladies.

  1. The myth about beer

The myth about beerThe history of some cultures and religions are hinged on the potency of wine used either to pacify the gods and goddesses, and in most cases libations offered to these deities are made of wine. In ancient Roman or Greek mythology, Bacchus is regarded as the god of wine while Dionysus is the god of pleasure.

  1. Grains and beer

Grains and beerMost cultures made beer after chewing some grains and spitting the chaff into a big container with hot water in it. They will leave it to ferment for some weeks and it is ready to drink.

  1. The first brewery in the world

The first brewery in the worldDo you know the first brewery in the world that started operations in 1040 is still in operations? It is situated in Bavaria, Germany.

  1. The legal age for beer consumption

he legal age for beer consumptionIn some countries, the legal ages stipulated by law for beer consumption is between 16 and 25 years.

  1. The religious beer

The religious beerMonks were among the first persons that could make beer for refreshment and commercial purposes. Example of a religious beer is Chimay that is still in production today.

  1. People could offer anything for beer

duff-beerIt is a proven fact that people could do anything in order to get beer for consumption. Despite the legal implications of alcoholism in most countries and the ban by some religions, beer is still consumed in an outrageous proportion in some of those countries and by some members of those religions.