Crazy Beer Gift Ideas

Crazy Beer Gift Ideas

Are you into beer brewing? This is a compilation of crazy beer gift ideas for someone that is into beer brewing. These equipment ranges from ingredients for special brews, books, starter kits, and other information that might interest you and which will definitely help you to grow in the business. You will see some gifts ideas like Sure-seal 6.5-gallon fermenter bucket, Hanna original pHep digital pH meter, homebrew draft system, homebrew grain mill, Escali: Vera precision digital scale, Escali: Estilo dial scale, mixing paddle, mash paddle, skimmer, and steam freak recipe kits.

  • Sure-seal 6.5 gallon fermenter bucket

Sure-seal 6.5 gallon fermenter bucket

This equipment is made to seal the lid of beer bottles and containers. It also has a ratchet lever that unlocks the lid from its place and it comes with airlock, spigot, and handle.

  • Hanna original pHep digital PH meter

Hanna original pHep digital PH meter

You can use this device to read the pH levels of your liquor from 0.0 to 14.0 and you can clip it to your pocket. It is also easy to calibrate.


  • Homebrew draft system

Homebrew draft systemThis system can hold about 5 gallons of your beer liquor, which it carbonates and dispenses with little effort and fits into a refrigerator.


  • Homebrew grain mill

Homebrew grain millThere is a flexible twin roller bridging the gap in between and it has a long crankshaft attached to a drill. It is used to blend a variety of grains like wheat, malt, rye, corn, and much more.


  • Escali: Vera precision digital scale

Escali: Vera precision digital scaleThis scale can weigh up to 4.4lbs and weighs down to 1/100th of an ounce. It is a very exact, multipurpose, and precise scale.


  • Escali: Estilo dial scale

Escali: Estilo dial scaleIt has a maximum capacity of 3 kilograms and the dial is very easy to read. In addition, it is used for weighing dry and liquid matter.


  • Mixing paddle

Mixing paddleThis is used for stirring fermented fruit pulp and can stir 15 gallons and above.


  • Mash paddle

Mixing paddleThe paddle is used to stir a mixture that is from 20 gallons and above.


  • Skimmer

Mash paddleA skimmer is used for beer or wine.


  • Steam freak recipe kits

SkimmerFreak recipe kits are beverages made from malt, which has very light hops and higher alcohol level, and a top quality malt drink.