Flat Rock Brewing Company was established in 2010, with aspirations to create an authentic American Craft Beer line that can appeal to every palette. Our company is rooted in western Pennsylvania, where the love for beer flows like the rivers that run through it. In fact, Flat Rock Brewing Company is named after The Flat Rock Trail at Lynn Run State Park in the Laurel Highlands of PA, where there is a natural slip n’slide. An awesome place where our founders would hike and swim on hot summer afternoons.

We started on the right foot - by working with German trained brew masters from Detriot Rivertown Brewing. With our expertise and their help we perfected our recipes and as our sales grew, we moved our brewing to City Brewing in Latrobe, PA.

At Flat Rock Brewing Co., we produce our beers with only the best ingredients, the highest quality malts, hops and grains. With our passion for brewing great beers, we create brews that we think every beer drinker will enjoy.